Last day in #DC Soaking up all the #peoplewatching ! #peoplewatchingpeople #sawitinmytravels

I adore people watching. It’s the best kind of t.v. ;)

And when I travel I tend to take more time to just sit and pay attention.
Sometimes my camera (or trusty smart phone) will help me document what I see.
Other times, I just take mental pictures and soak it all in.

Taking out whatever camera I have on hand, and capturing the hustle & bustle of the day to day helps keep my creative mind on it’s toes. It keeps my vision fresh, tests my reaction time, and eases me into slowing down & paying attention.
I then take what I have learned (because all seeing is a learning experience) and bring that to my wedding, portrait and headshot sessions.

What have you taken the time to see today?