Happy wedding Courtney + Josh!

This past Saturday, I went into Boston to photograph Courtney + Josh’s wedding at The Lofts on 319 A Street. To say I loved the space is an understatement; I secretly, not so secretly want to live there! Add into the mix some fantastic design ideas + the coordinating expertise of Rachael from lolagraceEvents, and what a wedding!

I loved their theme ‘Living the Life of Riley’, their pre-ceremony cocktail hour, Courtney’s purple shoes, the brilliant cupcakes, the mason jars, the BBQ from Redbones (Yum!!), and their drinks of choice: pbr + Sofia, both in a can, of course!

What a great event! Congrats Courtney + Josh, enjoy some of my favorites from your day:

Ciao + Love!

Stacey D

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  1. CK

    Love the images and the colors! What a unique wedding. And beautiful photography as well

    1. stacey_d

      Thank you CK!
      I loved this wedding, adore it when people do their own thing 🙂


  2. Kathryn Rudd

    Hi Stacey,

    First off, wonderful job with the photos from the wedding. My point in contacting you, however, is in regards to the possibility of purchasing one of the photos you took. The 39th photo down on the page you have posted of their wedding is of my parents dancing (black and white), with the brick wall background, and my sister and I, along with our cousin Katy and her son watching. I came across that photo while scrolling down and immediately teared up. Dancing together has always been a part of my parents relationship that has almost become a definition for us, their children as to what a relationship should be like, and has certainly been such a bond between them that it’s become the epitome of love with our family. Needless to say, you capturing them dancing in such a candid manner blew me away, and also was very poignant that my sister and I were a part of the moment. Please do let me know what the cost would be to purchase the photo, preferably something like an 8×10!
    , as I would very much appreciate, as would my family, having a copy.

    Thank you so much, and again, I very much enjoyed looking through your work!

    1. stacey_d


      Your note means so much to me, thank you!! I am so happy I was able to create such a meaningful image for you & your family.
      I’ll gladly get a print to you, I’ll be in touch through email.
      Thank you so very much for sharing your story about that moment.

      Stacey D

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