The Krieger Family

I met the Kriegers at the Roger Williams Park & Zoo in Providence RI. My main focus was on their daughter, and oh boy, is she a beauty! Her eyes are so stunning, they have this depth to them, like she knows much more than she’s telling. And her expressions were priceless! I loved watching her teeter around, knowing how much she wanted to take off running, and even though she stumbled and fell a few times, she was always grinning.

My favorite part of the shoot was watching the sheer joy & excitement on her face as her dad lead her up to the colorful slide at the playground. And hearing her laughter as she zoomed down to her mom was better than music.

Thank you Kriegers for allowing me to document a little slice of your day! Here are a few of my favorites, enjoy!

Look at those eyes!!! <3

Ciao + Love,

Stacey D

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  1. Steve Z

    What a cutie!

    Someone got a fingerprint on their lens . . . 🙂

    1. stacey_d

      haha! A sign of a good family shoot is fingerprints on the glass & dirt on my pants 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by Steve!

  2. Gail Thornburgh

    That child is beautiful. She should be on TV, mags. etc. What joy of life!

  3. Elly Leyman

    The photos are beautiful. Loved seeing Ella Meira having so much fun! She’s so sweet and so adorable!

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