Happy wedding Deirdre & Michael!

When Deirdre contacted me about her wedding, she sent me the story of her relationship with Michael. Their story was titled “Our most romantic moment is 25 years in coming and will be the day we say “I DO!” ”

Deirdre & Michael fell in love in high school and continued their relationship until it sadly ended near college graduation. They both went on with life, careers, and to have other relationships, however neither quite found the person to replace what they once began together so many years before.

They found one another again very recently, and this time they were not letting go! When they came to the studio to meet with me, there was this energy that filled the room. They were both grinning from ear to ear, like, well, school kids in love! It was beyond fantastic and I was so grateful to be asked to document such a significant day in their lives.

The wedding day was gorgeous, with the ceremony at the lovely Roger Williams Botanical Center in Providence and the reception at the Providence Marriott Downtown. The day was full of emotions, from tears & giggles, to laughter & deep joy.

Congrats to you both, I am so happy for you & am so thankful I was able to be part of such an inspiring love story!

Flowers by Golden Gate Studios

Ciao + Love,

Stacey D

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  1. Kate

    What a beautiful couple! Looks like they had a perfect day.

  2. A friend of the bride!

    They are amazing people, that had an amazing day to match. The bride is absolutely gorgeous and has just as gorgeous a personality. I wish the best life to her and her handsome husband! May they always enjoy health and happiness!

  3. Andree

    Stacey, this post is so inspiring! You capture the best facial expressions and moment. You can absolutely tell that Dierdre and Michael can’t even tell you are there! So amazing.

  4. Malin

    Honestly, can the two of you look any happier?! Just an amazing snap shot into time that truly captured all of the love that you have for one another. If there were ever a way to capture the essence of JOY, here it is!

  5. Meg Pilato

    I’m sure Stacey is a wonderful photographer but there could not have been of a less than beautiful photo with these two

  6. Deirdre The Bride!

    Stacey delivered there is no doubt. She was there and totally got us..I CANT WAIT for the gallery. Thank you for all the lovely comments guys. It was the happiest day of my life….so far! Thank you Stacey! Malin was right on with her recommendation!

    1. stacey_d

      You are so welcome, Deirdre the Bride 🙂
      I was so blessed to have been part of such an outstanding day, so thank you both !!

      Can’t wait to share the rest of the images with you soon. Talk soon!

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