Custom fortune game: diy details inside!

I created this piece for the recent Well Wed event in Cape Cod. Instead of a plain old boring business card or predictable postcard, I wanted to create something interactive and fun!

I also thought it would be a great diy idea for those couples trying to think of a unique way to display their dinner menu at their reception or a cute getting to know the couple piece for the guests tables.

Here is the info to create your own!

I found a great template through the Ruffled blog (gorgeous blog for all of you out there in the planning stages of your wedding!).

I opened the psd file in Illustrator and went to town. You can also use the template in photoshop or power point. I added instructions for those not lucky enough to have created these back in the school yard and needed instruction on how to fold the piece properly.

You could use this for your engagement party (trivia about your love story), reception table for your menu (maybe add snippets about your favorite likes & dislikes when it comes to food), quirky and fun ceremony programs, & even save the dates – add a photo or two! Use your imagination and have fun!

Ciao & Love,

Stacey D


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