Zofia & Mark’s engagement session on Nantucket

I love surprises! Especially when I’m the one doing the surprising 😉

Last week, my good friend & fellow photographer, Andree Kehn and I cooked up a plan to head over to Nantucket and surprise Zofia and Mark with an engagement session. They’re getting married this May on the island, and thought it would be fun for them to set aside all the planning, play dress up and chill out in front of the lens.

Mark was in on the whole plan (thanks Mark!), sending Zofia to the salon for a ‘spa day’, which is where we showed up to say ‘surprise!’.

After the hugs & giggles subsided, we took a trip around the island to take photos of them laughing, snuggling and yes, even some kissing.

So looking forward to the big day, you two! Love love love you both!!

Watch out photo world, she’s got a great eye!

Ciao & Love,

Stacey D


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  1. Stacey

    SO FUN!!! I love the surprise!!! Beautiful photos of the happy family.

  2. Holly Haddad

    ok they are too perfect for words and your photos are phenomenal! congrats guys!!!

    1. Stacey Doyle

      Perfect is right! I love seeing how happy they both are, makes my heart swell 🙂

      Thanks Holly!

      Stacey D

  3. Sandra

    Love the texture and feel of their emotions, Zofia’s clothes, and the setting…awesome!

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