Happy wedding Francesca + Chris! Newport RI documentary wedding photography

Small intimate weddings are some of my very favorite events to document. I love the laid back feeling, the unhurried air to them. I love it when couples embrace the beat of their own drums & do it their way!!

Francesca & Chris are getting married abroad, just the two of them. In order to do that legally, they needed to have a small ceremony here in the States. They thought that would be the perfect way to include the close family & friends that would not be part of their ceremony overseas.

They decided they wanted to just show up at the location, Touro Park in Newport RI, pick the ceremony spot on the fly & do it. Francesca joked in one of her emails to me that her friends had started to refer to this as their ‘Flash Mob’ wedding!

What it ended up being was a very sweet, fun & lovely ceremony. They chose a spot surrounded by gorgeous trees with soft sunlight filtering through, their backdrop: the Old Stone Mill. Their family & friends surrounded them in a semi-circle, each reading a personal story about the couple, a favorite quote or passage. Most important to Francesca & Chris was capturing all their loved ones as they celebrated their union.

Below is a small selection of some of my favorites from their Flash Mob wedding 🙂

Congratulations to you both, safe travels to your next ceremony!! Have a wonderful love filled time!!

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Stacey D

ps. If you are planning a small intimate celebration of your love story, please feel free to touch base! stacey@staceydoylephotography.com 401-954-6135


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