Doyle Delights in: Wendy Baker Design: Bold Necklaces

Every once in a while I’m going to share some favorite items I find out there on my many travels and trips, local and not so. I’ll let you know what I’m currently delighting in 🙂

I don’t have very many Saturdays free during the busy wedding photography season, so I decided to take full advantage of the glorious summer day I was met with that morning. I took myself and my re-useable bag over to the Providence Farmer’s Market and Providence Open Market in Lippett Park in Providence RI to see what new & exciting & tasty items I could find.
If you have not yet visited either of these events, please do yourself a favor and go! The freshest local veggies, yummy meats & cheeses, great art – throw in an iced coffee from New Harvest Coffee and one of Seven Stars Bakery’s fabulous roast beef sandwiches, and you’ll have one heck of a start to your Saturday!

So, it was on this day that I came upon Wendy Baker’s bold & beautiful floral necklaces and bracelets. My goodness, it was like walking into a candy store, without the threat of gaining any weight. Perfection!
I spotted her intricate and stunning pieces and my first thought was ‘My goodness, these would be the bomb for any bride on her wedding day!’.
If you’re looking for something different, a bit on the edge, check out her bold necklaces. Pair it with a flowy gown or simple white shift for a fantastic wedding ensemble. And can you just imagine the shoes you can pair with this outfit!??! I can, I can! *drool*

If you’re not getting hitched anytime soon (or already are) no worries, these necklaces would be a fab for any event. Did I mention the chunky and cool bracelets she creates, as well? Ooo, I just wanted to stay in her booth all day and play dress up!
These are the types of jewels you could wear without a stitch on and feel completely dressed-up *wink wink*

Doyle Delights in Wendy Baker’s bold floral necklaces

Ciao + Love,

Stacey D

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