Doyle Delights in: Ladyfingers Letterpress

I was walking down the halls of the Hope Artiste Village the other day, heading to grab my mail. On the way there, my eyes fell upon a cute little metal basket attached to the outside of one of the studios here. Nestled inside were these gorgeous letterpress cards.

I am a paper person. I love it. Send me into a paper and card boutique and I probably won’t emerge for hours. And when I do, I’ll have a bag full of yummy, bright, playful, delectably tactile pieces that will certainly bring me hours of joy. (I journal too, did I mention that? I do. I adore journaling!)

The first thing that made me swoon was the feel. Oh, the card was like velvet to touch! Next, the fonts mingling together on the page. Simple, clean, fun, and touchably soft. What more could you ask for in letterpress?
I’ll tell you what. The lovely ladies of Ladyfingers Letterpress will donate 10% to the Human Rights Campaign from every wedding invitation order placed!! So, you get drop dead gorgeous letterpress wedding invites AND good karma? I say that’s a win win!

I love knowing that Ladyfingers Letterpress are neighbors of mine.
Hi Neighbors 🙂

Ciao + Love,

Stacey D

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