Valentine’s Day Couple Shoot

Melissa, a Scituate Rhode Island native & Alex, a Lexington Kentucky original, met during their freshman year at the University of Chicago. Their love of cooking, basketball (Go Celtics!) and life, as well as finding themselves living on the same floor in their school building, helped to create an inseparable relationship.

They recently tied the knot during an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles CA, surrounded by close friends and family. Since Valentine’s Day is their 7th year anniversary, and Melissa & Alex are in the RI area again, Alex’s sister called me to set up a couple shoot as a gift to the newlyweds. I met them at Melissa’s parent’s home In North Scituate RI.

I loved being with these two, they were laughing and giggling and smooching like they just fell in love yesterday. I adore the way Alex looks at Melissa and Melissa has this glow that sort of reaches out and holds you tight like a hug! I am also quite in love with the fact that they are getting a puppy soon, a Corgi, whose name will be Waffles, Inspector Waffles!

Happy new journey to you both, thank you so much for welcoming me in to capture a little slice of your love story 🙂

Ciao & Love,

Stacey D

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  1. Hemani

    Beautiful Pictures! You two make the best & happiest couple. God bless you both! 🙂

  2. Debby Giblin


    I am a friend of your Father. He shared your happiness with me.

    Your picture’s are beautiful. The love you share shines through in every one.

    Congratulations and best wishes!

    Debby Giblin

  3. Erin Wynn

    Stunning. Thank you for sharing Ken. Sheer happiness!

  4. greg piper

    Hi Melissa And Alex, I am a friend of you Dad and father in law There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you guys. We have put you in our churches daily prayers.Your pictures are gorgeous .I know they are very special.My computer literate interns and i have tried to save them to special place on my computer however its weird,They just keep poping up as my first page in the morning when i open my computer.God bless and shine upon both of you. Greg Piper

  5. Christine Griffin

    Ken thanks for sharing such a joyous moment. Children are so precious–every stage of life. What a gift. Thank you for sauch a vibrant image of what it means to be in love! Congratulations to the couple!!

    Christine, Jim, Haley and Jonah

  6. Richard

    Melissa these pictures are wonderful and I’m so happy that your dad shared them with me. He loves you so very much. Happiness to you both for ever. May God Bless you, you are in my prayers every day and Candles were lit for you in our church.

    I am a friend of your dad’s as well


  7. Jane and Jim Walters

    It’s the happiness we remember! It’s God’s way of saying Thank You.

    Jane and Jim

  8. Bill & Cathy Jarvie

    You go girl! A wonderful wife & husband….

    God Bless!

  9. Donna Laporte

    These pictures are beautiful. Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing. You are in my prayers every day.

    Donna and Richard Laporte

  10. Stephen Priscella


    Thanks for this opportunity. Melissa and Alex are a beautiful couple.
    I pray each night for you and your family.

    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
    Henry David Thoreau

  11. Leslie Kosky

    What beautiful photos that capture the love between you both. Thank you for sharing and please know you are in my prayers daily.

  12. Susan Cottrell

    Ken, thank you so much for shraing this very precious moment in your family life. What a wonderful happy, loving couple. The love and happiness shows in everyone of there pictures. How blessed they are to have found each other. May the love they share give them the strenght they need to get through the difficults times. Melissa, continue to smile it brings out all your beauty.
    I know you don’t remember me, but I worked with your dad and met you when you were just a little girl, daddy’s little girl. I will continue to prayer for all of you daily. May the lords peace be with you always and in all ways.
    Susan Cottrell (JWU)

  13. Leah and Bob Christopher

    Leah and I remember Melissa from our summer parties in North Kingstown and have followed her progress through the University of Chicago and on to a career in California. She is a wonderful daughter and has been a successful student and employee. Her artistic talent is outstanding.

    Melissa has our admiration and our prayers as she goes through this difficult time.

  14. Meredith Brassil

    Love is a beautiful treasure. Melissa and Alex share this treasure in abundance. Their happiness and love shine brightly in each photo…God truly brought together a perfect couple! My prayers are with you each day. May God give you strength and shower you with many gentle gifts during this difficult time.

    Ken, thank you for sharing these photos. Your daughter is a true beauty.


  15. Cathy Crevier

    Absolutely beautiful. I simply cannot stop smiling 🙂
    Ken, thanks so very much for sharing. Your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Pictures are truly worth a thousand words!

    Cathy Crevier (JWU)

  16. Sheila

    Remember the smiles and the genuine love Melissa and Alex felt on that special day.

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