Easton’s Beach Newport RI Engagement Session

Easton’s Beach Newport RI Engagement Session

Engagement session are a great way for couples to create some meaningful and fun images together before the big wedding day!
I especially love it when couples choose locations that have great meaning to them both.

Madison contacted me to photograph she and her fiancĂ© Dan’s engagement shoot at the carnival at Easton’s Beach Newport RI.
And the reason they chose the location for their shoot is so touching!

I’ll let Madison’s words tell the rest:

“My fiancĂ© and I were in a long distance relationship for five years. I am from Arkansas, and he is from Salem, MA.

The first time he and I ever met in person (we initially met online) was on May 13, 2011 at the carnival at Easton’s Beach Newport RI. It was the most romantic night of my life. We strolled along the beach and collected sea shells, rode the carnival rides, and he won a couple of stuffed animals for me. We rode the ferris wheel, and when we got to the top, fireworks went off. It was like a movie. We finished off the evening with caramel apples and going back to the hotel to drink hot tea in the lobby and talk almost all night long.

I decided it would be fun to have some done in RI since that’s where we officially met, and I started doing some research. I was beyond excited to discover that the carnival will be happening again this year…”

So we went to the carnival at Easton’s Beach and had some fun!
We also stopped off at the always lovely Castle Hill Inn Lighthouse in Newport RI.

Madison_Dan_Engagement_Newport_RI_EastonsBeach_Carnival_05-07-2016_PVD_staceydoylephotography-19 Madison_Dan_Engagement_Newport_RI_EastonsBeach_Carnival_05-07-2016_PVD_staceydoylephotography-25 Madison_Dan_Engagement_Newport_RI_EastonsBeach_Carnival_05-07-2016_PVD_staceydoylephotography-48 Madison_Dan_Engagement_Newport_RI_EastonsBeach_Carnival_05-07-2016_PVD_staceydoylephotography-138 Madison_Dan_Engagement_Newport_RI_EastonsBeach_Carnival_05-07-2016_PVD_staceydoylephotography-95 Madison_Dan_Engagement_Newport_RI_EastonsBeach_Carnival_05-07-2016_PVD_staceydoylephotography-78 Madison_Dan_Engagement_Newport_RI_EastonsBeach_Carnival_05-07-2016_PVD_staceydoylephotography-74 Madison_Dan_Engagement_Newport_RI_EastonsBeach_Carnival_05-07-2016_PVD_staceydoylephotography-85 Madison_Dan_Engagement_Newport_RI_EastonsBeach_Carnival_05-07-2016_PVD_staceydoylephotography-198 Madison_Dan_Engagement_Newport_RI_EastonsBeach_Carnival_05-07-2016_PVD_staceydoylephotography-170 Madison_Dan_Engagement_Newport_RI_EastonsBeach_Carnival_05-07-2016_PVD_staceydoylephotography-108
When you’re thinking about where you want to have your engagement photos taken, think about some of the favorite spots you both like to frequent.

A coffee shop, a local bar, the restaurant you went on your first date, the spot where you got engaged, the old home you’re renovating.
Maybe you both love the batting cages? Sailing or hiking? Think outside of the box!

Engagement session photos should be fun, yet more importantly, they should tell the story of who you are, individually and as a couple.

Have fun out there and love on!