Rhode Island is home to quite a number of extremely talented mixologists, stirring up delicious and beautiful craft cocktails throughout the state.

However, not everyone wants to get their booze on when they are out on the town.
So, say hello to the grown-up, alcohol-free libations called Mocktails!

I had the pleasure of meeting some fabulous drink mixing magicians when I photographed the
“Mocktail Mixology” article for the September issue of Providence Monthly.

Make sure to pick up a copy (or click here!) which offers the recipes for each of the drinks below.

Go get your mix on!

Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot:

The Blackberry Honeybee Sparkler
by Willa Van Nostrand of Little Bitte Artisanal Cocktails

littlebittecocktails_providencemonthly_08-03-2016_staceydoyle-2_rb littlebittecocktails_providencemonthly_08-03-2016_staceydoyle-27_rb littlebittecocktails_providencemonthly_08-03-2016_staceydoyle-37_rb littlebittecocktails_providencemonthly_08-03-2016_staceydoyle-43_rb littlebittecocktails_providencemonthly_08-03-2016_staceydoyle-48_rb littlebittecocktails_providencemonthly_08-03-2016_staceydoyle-52_rbThe Beachcomber
by Kendra Plumley of Julian’s

providencemonthly_mocktails_julians_pvd_staceydoyle-4_rb providencemonthly_mocktails_julians_pvd_staceydoyle-8_rbMock Orange
by Jonathan Szplia of The Grange

thegrange_mocktails_promo_08-12-2016_pvd_staceydoyle-16_rb thegrange_mocktails_promo_08-12-2016_pvd_staceydoyle-25_rb

Cobblestone Street
by Ryan Kennedy of Cook and Brown Public House



cookandbrown_cocktails_providencemonthly_08-04-2016_staceydoyle-42_rb cookandbrown_cocktails_providencemonthly_08-04-2016_staceydoyle-35_rb


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