Get it? DOUGH-nuts?!

Ok ok, corny, I know. However, you cannot deny that Providence has seen a rise in some delicious doughy goodness in recent times.

I had the pleasure (as did my taste-buds) to photograph (eat) some of the most decadent sugary treats in the City of Providence for the February issue of Providence Monthly.

We had a ton of gorgeous and yummy selections from PVDonuts, The Cafe at Easy Entertaining (make sure to get your pre-orders in!), Knead Doughnuts, Dave’s Coffee (also, their coffee & syrup, omg), DeLuise Bakery (they’ve been bakin’ it ol’school for 70 plus years!), and White Electric.

PVDonuts in Providence Rhode Island

Looks good, right?!

I am absolutely in love with the PVDonuts’ Fruity Pebbles flavor.
That was my favorite cereal as a little girl. Ok, I still love it.
But, now I can have my fav cereal, on a donut?! I mean, come on.

Donuts can help unite us (yay sugar!)

Donuts by these fabulous bakeries: PVDonuts, The Cafe at Easy Entertaining, Knead Doughnuts, White Electric, DeLuise Bakery, and Dave’s Coffee

It’s okay if you’re not into dough nuts.
Because, there is always cake!

You cannot go wrong with a slice (or more) of a classic Gregg’s Death by Chocolate.
Even President Obama had himself a slice when he came to visit Little Rhody!

Here is to the weekend!
We’ll all get back to eatting kale and watching calories come Monday, right?!