Doyle Delights: I made Carrot Bacon

Yes, you read that correctly. Carrot. Bacon.

In my efforts to eat healthier and avoid animal products, I’ve been researching innovative and tasty ways to prepare my veggies. 
I went to the recipe mecca, Pinterest, and put in a search for vegetarian friendly foods.

Disclaimer: though I was a full on vegetarian for over 12 years, I do currently eat fish and I will never be able to give up on cheese and Kefir. I mean, it’s cheese people! I love it so!

Anyhoot, during my recipe search, I came upon this recipe for carrot bacon. I love carrots, and I loved bacon. 
So I figured I’d give it a whirl!

I snagged some organic carrots from Whole Foods, and peeled and washed them.

carrots, bacon, organic produce
Prepping carrots

After that the recipe called for thinly slicing the carrots. I tried the y-peeler, which was my best bet, but I kept feeling as though I was going to slip and make Stacey Bacon. Eep!
I also tried my box grater and a chef’s knife, but those just screamed ‘Danger Danger Will Robinson!’

If you have access to a mandoline, I’d say that would be the safest option (and they make gloves you can use while slice things to protect your digits! Clever.)

y peeler, mandolin, box grater, chef life
Slicing Carrots

After that task was complete, I mixed up the seasonings: sesame tahini, maple syrup, amino acids by Braggs and liquid smoke. (see the link above to the original recipe for the full details!)

sesame tahini, joyva, creamy sesame
Mmm Tahini
wrights liquid smoke, bragg liquid aminos, organic maple grove maple syrup
Liquid Smoke

I have never worked with liquid smoke before, but oh my! Does it ever smell like a campfire in a bottle!!
I must find other ways to use it, like as a perfume, maybe? 

Mixed all that goodness together in a bowl, placed my sliced carrots into a glass pan and poured the marinade over them.

I let them stew for a good 30 minutes, and then placed the well coated carrots onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
I poured the remainder of the marinade over the carrots and then popped those bad boys into the oven!

liquid smoke
Marinade for the win

When done, what came out of the oven was a crispy, somewhat chewy carrot that wouldn’t fool a meat eater into thinking they’re eating actual bacon; But if you’re all for letting little piggies be little piggies and not into having them as a food source, this carrot bacon is going to hit the spot!

veggies, meatless, vegetarian
Meat-Free Bacon

I used my good karma carrot bacon in an ACBLT – Avocado Carrot Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich. 
Topped with a spicy Grillo’s Pickle (omg the BEST pickles ever!) it was a most delicious and satisfying sammy. 

avocados, lettuces, organic, tomato, non-geo
I add avocado to everything

Meatless, but not flavorless, at all!

sammy, sandwiches, veggie sandwich, carrots
Seriously, this sandwich

I’ll definitely be making this sandwich again, and plan to add the bacon to my brunch meals and to salads.
But I def need to invest in one of those mandolines first. Because, I’d like to keep the kitchen an ouch free zone!

Bon App├ętit!