Favorites from 2018 and some news!

Favorites from 2018 and some news!

The past year had me meeting and greeting so many new faces, places, eateries and more!

From documenting a handful of intimate weddings, to creating editorial images for local magazines, I had a blast wielding my camera throughout Rhode Island.

The New Year also brought with it some big changes.
The biggest of them all: moving my home base from Providence RI to Sacramento CA!

The move was one we’ve been working on for some time and for many reasons.
One of those would be the winters in New England.
Don’t get me wrong, I think snow is super pretty, I love a good snow day.
I am, however, way over being stuck inside for months, because going outside hurts too much!

For my lovely clients in New England:
I will be back in the RI area periodically throughout 2019 and will be available for any and all of your photo needs.

Keep up to date on where I’ll be and when via my pro-photo Insta account:

We’ve been exploring and eating all the things our new neighborhood in East Sac (and beyond) has to offer.
You can read more and see our delicious finds on my insta account: @doyle_delights

I am so looking forward to the events and photo sessions I have in the works for 2019. I’ll be posting more soon 🙂

In the meantime, below are some of my favs from 2018, enjoy!

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If you’re looking for a little comic relief, we have a travel mascot who comes with us on all our journeys.
He’s a funny little towel.

If you’d like to meet him and follow his adventures, head over to @toweliestravels

Happy trails!