Working Together

I would love to talk more about helping to create a new headshot for you!
The studio offers headshots in the Northern California area as well as the East Coast.

Please feel free to browse the gallery and peruse the faq section for more info.

When you’re ready to book, use the contact form to touch base or email


I needed a professional headshot with a quick turnaround. I was nervous. I don’t photograph well. Stacey put me at ease immediately. She took lots of photos in 30 minutes. By 9 pm I had them in my inbox. The first photo blew me away. I highly recommend her. No more selfies for me!

Thanks to Stacey I now have a photo that conveys the kind of message I was looking for.

Suzanne M.

You are the best…thank you for being so talented and organized!

Sharon L

I felt so much more at ease with you and appreciate your making me feel comfortable. I am quite happy with the result.

Suzy F

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your headshot sessions take place?

I work out of my studio at the Hope Artiste Village in Rhode Island as well as work on-location throughout New England and Northern California.

How do the sessions work? I'm not very comfortable in front of the camera.

My goal is to create a headshot where you are presented in a professional manner, yet approachable. Relaxed. Nothing super stiff.

Clients have said they felt very comfortable & relaxed during my sessions.

I absolutely understand nerves when it comes to being photographed, I am not one that enjoys being in front of the camera.
I am so much more comfortable behind it!

We’ll chat a bit before we begin and I can answer any questions you may have about the session.

We’ll review the clothing you’ve brought along, and make a plan for the photographs based on your goals.

I do my best to keep things laid back and take the time to bring the camera down when necessary.

Any other question, please get in touch!


What sessions do you offer? What are your session fees?

I offer a full session, which is perfect for someone looking for a collection of different images to use for acting/business profiles, website profiles, marketing/branding materials for business/acting, and more.

The full session photo portion runs about an hour and a half to two hour.

It includes multiple clothing & backdrop changes, including the option to step outside/into the building to capture a more organic feel.

The shoot also includes a professional make-up artist who will work on-site to get the look you desire.
They will work with you to get the desired look you are going for.
It’s you, turned up a notch.

Make-up can take anywhere from 35-45 minutes.

The make-up artist stays on-set during the shoot to help you maintain the make-up, watching for shine, and helps to monitor any fly-aways or stray hairs as we shoot.

You will receive a password protected online gallery & your full collection of retouched high resolution files, which you can then use in any way you wish to promote yourself.

The full session with make-up is 925.
The full session without makeup is 725.

I don't need the full collection, I'm looking to create one good clean headshot. Do you offer anything like that?

I also offer two mini sessions:

One includes up to 2 tops and 2 retouched high resolution files 250.

The second includes 1 top and 1 retouched high resolution file 225.

You may purchase more than the included files via the online gallery for 25. each.

These sessions run about 20 minutes to a 1/2 hour long.
We work in front of a solid clean backdrop (white, gray or black), or we can step outside/into the building to capture a more organic feel.

This session is great if you are looking for an updated image for your social media presence (website, LinkdIn, Yelp, etc), acting, and/or branding/business presence.

Professional hair & make-up are also available to add onto the mini shoots.

Please contact the studio for more details

Do you have any tips for the clothing I should bring along?

For clothing, be sure to bring a number of pieces along with you.
It’s always better to have more to work with. 

Think about your audience and what you want to project in your images.

For business, there might be particular rules you might want to follow based on your industry’s standards.

Actors/actresses: Depending on the role(s) you’ll be aiming for will dictate the type of looks you might want to create during your shoot.

I always recommend people wear something that makes them feel confident.
Whether that’s your favorite t-shirt or a fancy ball gown, if you feel good in it, that confidence is going to show in your images.

Most colors translate well, so go for colors that draw you in. Some people like pastels, others jeweled tones, some prefer pattern.
Choose the colors/patterns that work best on you.

Most headshots are taken from mid-chest range and up. Keep that in mind when you are choosing the outfit you wish to wear.
I would avoid any items with logos, you want the viewer of your image to connect with your eyes first, not your clothing.

Layers are also a great idea. It’s easy enough to remove a suit jacket to get a different look or add a scarf/different tie to mix-up the look you already have on.
Accessories are fine, feel free to bring a few choices with if you aren’t sure and wish for me to weigh in!

Any other questions or if you have a specific look you are trying to create, feel free to touch base!

We are a corporation looking to create headshots for our employees over a day or two. Do you offer bulk headshot services?

Yes, we do offer corporate headshot sessions.

Please contact the studio for a custom quote.

Quotes are based on the amount of headshots needed, the specific look(s) you are going for, if you will be coming to the studio or if I will be setting up a headshot station on-location.

Some sessions can be completed in one day, others will need to be spread out over the course of a few days.

The studio can also set-up a headshot station at corporate and networking events.

Are you ready to #DitchTheSelfie?

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