Happy wedding Kyla + Matthew!

I first met Kyla, her mom & Kyla’s children at their home to get some of the getting ready images. I love to sew, so when I saw the gloves that Kyla and her daughter handmade for the day, I’m pretty sure I squealed a bit (in my head, that is). I want a pair!

Sweet intimate weddings are absolutely some of my favorite events to document. Kyla & Matt had their ceremony at the gorgeous Villa One Twenty in Middletown RI. Even tho it was icy & cold outside, it was warm and inviting inside. I am so pleased to learn that Villa One Twenty is opening up their space to weddings now. I adore it there!

Thank you Kyla & Matt for having me there to capture such a wonderful day! Congrats to you both 🙂

Ciao + Love,

Stacey D

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5 responses on “Happy wedding Kyla + Matthew!

  1. Kyla's Mom

    Amazing photos! I can’t believe how you “caught the moment”! My favorite is the photo of Jude showing cousin Aden his Star Wars pin….you caught him with his jaw down!!! And the shoe shots were amazing, “especially treacherous heels on equally treacherous ice”!!

    1. stacey_d Post author

      Thank you so much! I loved how Aden reacted to Jude’s pin!!! It was so cute 🙂 So glad I was able to get that for you all!
      I’m so glad I did not have to take any images of Kyla taking a digger on the ice 😉

      Stacey D

  2. Glorious Affairs Boutique Catering & Event Design

    Stacey, these photos exceed many that I have seen in this field. Stunningly candid, beautifully shot, and an all out embracement of the families moments, your photography is the epitome of what event photography is about.

    It was a pleasure seeing you at Matt & Kyla’s wedding, and I do hope to see a lot more of you as season approches and moves into full swing. Kudos!

    1. stacey_d Post author

      Thank you so much, what a wonderful comment to read this chilly morning! The event was really gorgeous, I so look forward to see you all at upcoming events as well 🙂
      Stacey D

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