Hurricane Irene Damage in Elizabethtown, Keene & Keene Valley NY

I was in the High Peaks region of NY this past week, helping to photograph a wedding. That Saturday we knew that Irene was heading up the coast, but I never expected to see such flooding and damage in the Adirondacks area come Sunday & Monday. I don’t really have very many words for what […]

The story of how: Zombies crashed my wedding

“There is no such thing as a weird human being, It’s just that some people require more understanding than others.” — Tom Robbins It was a beautiful day in the Boston Commons, lovely weather, a bit overcast, perfect for an outdoor ceremony. The above image isn’t one you typically find in the collection of images […]

Custom fortune game: diy details inside!

I created this piece for the recent Well Wed event in Cape Cod. Instead of a plain old boring business card or predictable postcard, I wanted to create something interactive and fun! I also thought it would be a great diy idea for those couples trying to think of a unique way to display their […]

Couple shoot in Boston MA with Zofia + Mark!

Last weekend, a bunch of photographer friends and I met up in Boston to geek out at the Conversations Exhibit at the MFA. (If you get the chance, go see it. Do. It.) Before we went and got ourselves all culterized, a few of the ShootStylers met up at a local vintage shop, Bobby from […]

Quoted: You were born a daughter …

Around quarter after ‘way past my bedtime’, I lazily scrolled through Twitter trying to will myself to sleep, & I stopped upon a tweet from Roger Ebert. The link was to an old Nike ad, one aimed towards the ladies, gals, women, me. I tingled a bit before I clicked the link. I knew what […]

Gratitude rules :) (aka: I love my clients)

The other day I had the pleasure of working with Susie & Ruth, of Eva Ruth’s (stay tuned for their new and improved website!) maker of extremely yummy, to-die-for wheat free & gluten free pastries. You may not think all those words could go together in one sentence, but trust me. Order the pumpkin cake. […]