Food at Home: Tomato Galette

It’s always fun to take the side roads, especially when you’re learning a new neighborhood.
East Sacramento, to be exact. 

A couple months ago, I did this very thing, and came upon a neighbor giving away free seedlings.
Tomatoes and peppers.

Short story and recipe link below.

The free tomato plants we got from that neighbor are producing. A lot.
Like a lot, a lot.

So I made them into this:

For more images and to read more, keep scrollin’ 🙂

Longer story with photos:

So that neighbor who gave out the free seedling plants (is that redundant??),
he said it was the one good deed he did for the year.

While something about the hint of a smile in his voice said otherwise, I gratefully scooped up a number of plants and went on my merry way.

They were super wee when we put them into the ground. But, with all that amazing California sunshine and warm air, they are almost 8 feet tall!

And the produce these plants are producing are gorgeous. And plentiful!

With this surplus of tomatoes, I decided I had to make some things.
I’ve added them to salads, and pizza, but I wanted to make some dishes that really let the tomatoes stand center stage.

I went to Pinterest (which is where I go for 99% of my recipes)
and found one for a Tomato Galette:

Never having heard of it before, I read the recipe and it fell under my personal guidelines:
seemed super easy, didn’t take too much time, and it’ll make for some pretty photos!
I started by slicing my tomatoes, salting them, and letting them rest on a cooling rack on my counter. 

Disclaimer: I did not make my own dough. I didn’t have the time. 
I’d love to attempt it in the future, since it’s something I haven’t ever done before.
So, for this recipe, I snagged ready made dough from the local grocery store. 

I also swear I owned a rolling pin, but I guess I not, because I couldn’t find it.
Maybe the moving gremlins got it, they seem to have our can opener and fly swatter too.

I decided to use a larger olive oil bottle (Thanks Whole Foods!).
I think a bottle is probably a great idea if you’re an experience dough roller. 

For me, well, I think I’m going to need to practice a wee bit more 😉
Which is fine, because dough means bread and bread is love. 

I did add some parm and pepper as I rolled to add flavor to the dough

After rolling, I added the layers of feta cheese, onions, and those beautiful juicy tomatoes!

I brushed on the egg wash, and then popped this bad boy in the oven

I know I didn’t roll the dough out properly because it was super puffy and thick.
That just means I get to try again (and again and again). 
It’s bread, so I’m okay with that 😉

Here’s the finished galette, which may not be perfect, but dang diggity was it tasty!

I am glad I tried something I have never tried before, and I am looking forward to making this dish again. 
After I practice my dough rolling skills some more. 

Happy cooking and Bon Appétit!


Amazing Jewelry by RIPBeauty

It always makes me sad when I open an eyeshadow pallet or a blusher and I’m met with shattered broken bits everywhere.

And while I secretly (not so secretly) love the look of crushed up makeup, unless I painstakingly smoosh the shards back into some semblance of usability, I toss it.

Enter @ripbeauty10 who gives makeup meant for the waste bin a new life! 

She sets the sparkly colorful powders into resin and then molds them to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

Seriously, the cuff I photographed is out of this world beautiful.
And so comfy to wear.

I’m eyeing the hair pins and earrings next because 🤩😍 girls gotta treat herself!

Check out @ripbeauty10’s insta feed or Etsy shop for all of her ingeniously creative jewels! 

If you’re in the #RhodeIsland area you can see and purchase these pieces in person at One Studio Smooch.



Test driving a custom travel bag from Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique

A bit ago I wrote about this great company creating custom gifts for your bridal party (or, really, anyone you want to get a personalized gift for!)

You can read about the great items I tried out last time here.

This time around, they gifted me a lovely overnight travel bag. You could have the bag personalized with a name, initials, or favorite saying.
I went with Briskly Roam, from one of my most favorite quotes by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Keep not standing fixed and rooted.
Briskly venture, briskly roam.”

They now have a sister site offering some amazing gifts for the lovely humans you call bridesmaids (or grooms-maids!).

You can check out the amazing selection at their new sister site

The bag pictured is super cute, lovely colors and I adore that you can personalize it for the person you are gifting it to.
If you are planning a wedding and looking for fun, useful, unique gifts, I’d absolutely shop around on their sites!
So much variety, something for everyone.

Happy planning and keep roaming!

April Headshot Special: One Day Only!

Feeling the fever for a fresh new headshot?

Look no further for an impressive new way to spruce up your professional online presence!

Your headshot is one of the first impressions many people will have of you and your business.
Get rid of those selfies & send the right message.

Special offer for on day only: April 25th 2019:

Professional mini-headshot sessions for only 275.

Your session will include up to a half hour of shooting time, 2 top changes, make-up application done in-house, assistance with styling your wardrobe, make-up touch-ups throughout shoot, a simple clean backdrop with the option to step outside (weather permitting),
& 2 retouched hi-resolution files.***

Call the studio today! Limited sessions available
We’re looking forward to helping you create a headshot that stands out & gets the right attention!
Our hairstylist is available upon request, contact the studio today for more details!

Personal Brand Photography

Personal Brand Photography is a term I’ve been hearing used quite a bit these days.
And it’s no surprise why: the likelihood is, you and your business are tied to some form of social media. 

You know it’s important to have your business out there and seen. 
Above all, you, (the maker, creator, CEO extraordinaire), should not be hiding in the shadows. 
Customers want to know who they are working with, and why they should invest in what you are offering. 
If you don’t present a transparent and truthful story, they’re going to move on. And fast. 

One way to capture and connect with viewers, is with engaging and dynamic personal brand photography. 
However, throwing up a bunch of pretty photos, that don’t speak to who you are and what you are truly about, will not do the trick.

You are you. 
Boldly and unapologetically present your authentic self to the world.
Recognize that you are more than just a brand.
Know there is power and bravery in telling your story. 
Realize that watered-down is not an option for you.

That’s why, Stacey Doyle Photography has introduced: Simply You.

I don’t fixate on the pretty,
I aim to focus on the beauty of your authentic self.

We will create images that speak confidently, connect meaningfully, and unquestionably tell the story of you. 

You and I will work together to create a plan for the personal brand photography that you need.
I will show you how to use your images to clearly tell your viewers who you are and what you have to offer. In addition, I will help curate the images that best define your visual voice. 

no images were found

Images of Patty J of PattyJ.Com

Favorites from 2018 and some news!

The past year had me meeting and greeting so many new faces, places, eateries and more!

From documenting a handful of intimate weddings, to creating editorial images for local magazines, I had a blast wielding my camera throughout Rhode Island.

The New Year also brought with it some big changes.
The biggest of them all: moving my home base from Providence RI to Sacramento CA!

The move was one we’ve been working on for some time and for many reasons.
One of those would be the winters in New England.
Don’t get me wrong, I think snow is super pretty, I love a good snow day.
I am, however, way over being stuck inside for months, because going outside hurts too much!

For my lovely clients in New England:
I will be back in the RI area periodically throughout 2019 and will be available for any and all of your photo needs.

Keep up to date on where I’ll be and when via my pro-photo Insta account:

We’ve been exploring and eating all the things our new neighborhood in East Sac (and beyond) has to offer.
You can read more and see our delicious finds on my insta account: @doyle_delights

I am so looking forward to the events and photo sessions I have in the works for 2019. I’ll be posting more soon 🙂

In the meantime, below are some of my favs from 2018, enjoy!

We cannot display this gallery

If you’re looking for a little comic relief, we have a travel mascot who comes with us on all our journeys.
He’s a funny little towel.

If you’d like to meet him and follow his adventures, head over to @toweliestravels

Happy trails!

Happy Halloween! Photo BOO!th CA

You all had such beautiful and creative Halloween costumes!
Thank you so much for modeling them in our Photo BOO!th !! 🙂

Take a peek below the image for the link and password to access your images.
And any questions feel free to touch base!

The coupon code you received is perfect to use towards a headshot session, or a holiday family portrait session.
You still have time to create custom designed holiday cards and get them out in the mail for holiday delivery 🙂
And if you didn’t receive the coupon code, not to worry. A copy is available within the gallery site. 

Feel free to contact the studio for more info 
Mobile 401-954-6135 (text is fine!)

California Photo BOO!th by Stacey Doyle
Happy Halloween Photo BOO!th CA


Gallery Link

Password: caliboo18

Hope you had a fabulous Halloween!! It was such a pleasure meeting you all!



Happy Wedding Loren & Adam : Rossi Tree Farm

Loren and Adam had a gorgeous and intimate wedding at the Rossi Tree Farm in Cranston RI
this past Saturday.

The weather was glorious (and hawt!), the details on-point, and, oh the love! So much love!

Loren and Adam did an amazing job of creating an inviting and airy atmosphere.
And the details?! Loren wasn’t kidding when she said they took Pinterest to another level!

The best part of all, though, the love.

I adored documenting Loren and Adam together, capturing Adam tearing up as Loren walked down the aisle; Catching their big happy grins, their quiet moments together, and the laugher and joy they shared with their loved ones. So many heart-eyes!

Thank you, Loren and Adam, for welcoming me into your day. 

And happy road-trippin’ !






Doyle Delights: I made Carrot Bacon

Yes, you read that correctly. Carrot. Bacon.

In my efforts to eat healthier and avoid animal products, I’ve been researching innovative and tasty ways to prepare my veggies. 
I went to the recipe mecca, Pinterest, and put in a search for vegetarian friendly foods.

Disclaimer: though I was a full on vegetarian for over 12 years, I do currently eat fish and I will never be able to give up on cheese and Kefir. I mean, it’s cheese people! I love it so!

Anyhoot, during my recipe search, I came upon this recipe for carrot bacon. I love carrots, and I loved bacon. 
So I figured I’d give it a whirl!

I snagged some organic carrots from Whole Foods, and peeled and washed them.

carrots, bacon, organic produce
Prepping carrots

After that the recipe called for thinly slicing the carrots. I tried the y-peeler, which was my best bet, but I kept feeling as though I was going to slip and make Stacey Bacon. Eep!
I also tried my box grater and a chef’s knife, but those just screamed ‘Danger Danger Will Robinson!’

If you have access to a mandoline, I’d say that would be the safest option (and they make gloves you can use while slice things to protect your digits! Clever.)

y peeler, mandolin, box grater, chef life
Slicing Carrots

After that task was complete, I mixed up the seasonings: sesame tahini, maple syrup, amino acids by Braggs and liquid smoke. (see the link above to the original recipe for the full details!)

sesame tahini, joyva, creamy sesame
Mmm Tahini

wrights liquid smoke, bragg liquid aminos, organic maple grove maple syrup
Liquid Smoke

I have never worked with liquid smoke before, but oh my! Does it ever smell like a campfire in a bottle!!
I must find other ways to use it, like as a perfume, maybe? 

Mixed all that goodness together in a bowl, placed my sliced carrots into a glass pan and poured the marinade over them.

I let them stew for a good 30 minutes, and then placed the well coated carrots onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
I poured the remainder of the marinade over the carrots and then popped those bad boys into the oven!

liquid smoke
Marinade for the win

When done, what came out of the oven was a crispy, somewhat chewy carrot that wouldn’t fool a meat eater into thinking they’re eating actual bacon; But if you’re all for letting little piggies be little piggies and not into having them as a food source, this carrot bacon is going to hit the spot!

veggies, meatless, vegetarian
Meat-Free Bacon

I used my good karma carrot bacon in an ACBLT – Avocado Carrot Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich. 
Topped with a spicy Grillo’s Pickle (omg the BEST pickles ever!) it was a most delicious and satisfying sammy. 

avocados, lettuces, organic, tomato, non-geo
I add avocado to everything

Meatless, but not flavorless, at all!

sammy, sandwiches, veggie sandwich, carrots
Seriously, this sandwich

I’ll definitely be making this sandwich again, and plan to add the bacon to my brunch meals and to salads.
But I def need to invest in one of those mandolines first. Because, I’d like to keep the kitchen an ouch free zone!

Bon Appétit!


Ultimate Guy Gifts for your Groovy Guy (or gal!)

A few months ago I was introduced to the co-owner of an online vendor that specializes in gifts for men (though anyone would really love these items! I, for one, fell in LOVE with the custom flask!).

The website name is Groovy Guy Gifts and the name definitely matches the products they offer. 

I had the opportunity to try out a couple of their items called the Flawless Flask and Renegade Blade.

Groovy guy flask
Fun customized flask, a perfect groomsmen gift!

The website provides a fun shopping experience, as, in the owners words:

“we try to be fun and witty in naming our products and providing descriptions” and we “ignore everyone that tells us we are not”.  Saucy! 😛

The delivery time was great, considering that the gifts are personalized. 
Both of my items arrived within 1-2 weeks, not bad at all!

As for the products I had the chance to try out…

groovy guy pocket knife
groovy flask and pocket knife, great for father’s day or birthday gifts!

The Flawless Flask comes in a beautiful wooden box that is engraved with the phrase or name you choose. The flask itself can also be engraved with up to 5 lines of 15 characters each. 
You could totally engrave a snippet of your wedding vows on one! 

The Renegade Blade is a pocket knife that can be engraved with up to 15 characters, perfect for your groomsmen or boyfriend’s first name or nickname.
The pocket knife had a really nice look and feel to it. My bf loved it so much, he almost took off with it before I got to take a photo!

travel sized flask and knife
bring your groovy gifts camping!

If you’re looking for some unique personalized gifts for the guys in your wedding party or any special occasion, check out