Happy Wedding: Erin & Joe : Newport RI

Erin & Joe were married recently in Newport RI.

There were so many fantastic highlights to their intimate day: from Erin’s custom wedding dress, to the vinyl spinning all day long, to the amazing catered meal from Pink Pig Catering, and the gorgeous setting where they held their shin-dig.

Truly, the only thing that out-shined it all was Erin & Joe and their amazing family & friends. 

I had such wonderful time documenting their day (and I also had an amazing time eating some of the bbq leftovers they sent me home with!)

Cheers to you both!

Here are a handful of my favorites from your day:


Polly and Malcolm’s wedding at Weekapaug Inn

Polly and Malcolm recently said their “I Do’s” surrounded by their loved ones at the Weekapaug Inn in Westerly RI. 

We arrived just as the fog rolled in, which only added to the beauty and charm of their day.
Their setting was gorgeous. The flowers were stunning.
Did I mention they had a BarberShop Quartet at their cocktail party?!

I’m not sure what I adored most, the enormous smiles Polly and Malcom wore throughout the day.
Or the huge amount of love & happiness that surrounded and supported them.

So many congratulations to you both!

Dough Nuts for the Weekend!

Get it? DOUGH-nuts?!

Ok ok, corny, I know. However, you cannot deny that Providence has seen a rise in some delicious doughy goodness in recent times.

I had the pleasure (as did my taste-buds) to photograph (eat) some of the most decadent sugary treats in the City of Providence for the February issue of Providence Monthly.

We had a ton of gorgeous and yummy selections from PVDonuts, The Cafe at Easy Entertaining (make sure to get your pre-orders in!), Knead Doughnuts, Dave’s Coffee (also, their coffee & syrup, omg), DeLuise Bakery (they’ve been bakin’ it ol’school for 70 plus years!), and White Electric.

PVDonuts in Providence Rhode Island

Looks good, right?!

I am absolutely in love with the PVDonuts’ Fruity Pebbles flavor.
That was my favorite cereal as a little girl. Ok, I still love it.
But, now I can have my fav cereal, on a donut?! I mean, come on.

Donuts can help unite us (yay sugar!)

Donuts by these fabulous bakeries: PVDonuts, The Cafe at Easy Entertaining, Knead Doughnuts, White Electric, DeLuise Bakery, and Dave’s Coffee

It’s okay if you’re not into dough nuts.
Because, there is always cake!

You cannot go wrong with a slice (or more) of a classic Gregg’s Death by Chocolate.
Even President Obama had himself a slice when he came to visit Little Rhody!

Here is to the weekend!
We’ll all get back to eatting kale and watching calories come Monday, right?!

California Dreaming: Family Portraits

I adore California!

And that is why I am so excited to begin offering family portraits in the Sacramento and San Fransisco area starting in 2017!
The studio will also be offering headshot sessions and wedding coverage in Northern CA.

Recently, I traveled to the Roseville, California area to create some relaxed family portraits.

We found ourselves at Maidu Park which boasts a small grove of gorgeous trees.
And, within kidlets easy reach, a pretty freakin’ sweet set of swings and other playground essentials.

Here are a handful of images from the fantastically fun and really lovely Chandler family session!

portraits, photos, love, snuggles
laid back fun family portraits

Mocktails, anyone?

Rhode Island is home to quite a number of extremely talented mixologists, stirring up delicious and beautiful craft cocktails throughout the state.

However, not everyone wants to get their booze on when they are out on the town.
So, say hello to the grown-up, alcohol-free libations called Mocktails!

I had the pleasure of meeting some fabulous drink mixing magicians when I photographed the
“Mocktail Mixology” article for the September issue of Providence Monthly.

Make sure to pick up a copy (or click here!) which offers the recipes for each of the drinks below.

Go get your mix on!

Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot:

The Blackberry Honeybee Sparkler
by Willa Van Nostrand of Little Bitte Artisanal Cocktails

littlebittecocktails_providencemonthly_08-03-2016_staceydoyle-2_rb littlebittecocktails_providencemonthly_08-03-2016_staceydoyle-27_rb littlebittecocktails_providencemonthly_08-03-2016_staceydoyle-37_rb littlebittecocktails_providencemonthly_08-03-2016_staceydoyle-43_rb littlebittecocktails_providencemonthly_08-03-2016_staceydoyle-48_rb littlebittecocktails_providencemonthly_08-03-2016_staceydoyle-52_rbThe Beachcomber
by Kendra Plumley of Julian’s

providencemonthly_mocktails_julians_pvd_staceydoyle-4_rb providencemonthly_mocktails_julians_pvd_staceydoyle-8_rbMock Orange
by Jonathan Szplia of The Grange

thegrange_mocktails_promo_08-12-2016_pvd_staceydoyle-16_rb thegrange_mocktails_promo_08-12-2016_pvd_staceydoyle-25_rb

Cobblestone Street
by Ryan Kennedy of Cook and Brown Public House



cookandbrown_cocktails_providencemonthly_08-04-2016_staceydoyle-42_rb cookandbrown_cocktails_providencemonthly_08-04-2016_staceydoyle-35_rb


Happy Wedding Amy & Nick :: The Dorrance

Amy and Nick married recently at The Dorrance, a beautiful restaurant in downtown Providence Rhode Island.

What a loving and kind couple! Their ceremony was full of much emotion and laughter!
It was such joy to document.

We loved the way they had a relaxed cocktail hour before and after their ceremony. It afforded them both quality time with their family and friends,  surrounded by great wine and delicious food and yummy north bakery cookies.

And, boy, do they all know how to cut a rug! 😉
We had a blast photographing (and dancing along with) everyone!

(also, can we talk about Amy’s Louboutin’s?! *swoon* 😉 )

Congratulations Amy and Nick! Cheers to you both!

AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-1 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-2 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-4AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-5 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-7 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-9


Cocktail hour at The Dorrance Providence RI

AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-14AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-15 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-16 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-17 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-18AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-19 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-20 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-21AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-22AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-23AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-24 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-25AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-26 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-27AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-28 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-29 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-30 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-31AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-32 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-33AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-34 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-35 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-36AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-37 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-38 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-39AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-40 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-41 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-42 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-43 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-44 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-45 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-46AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-47 AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-48AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-49AmyNick_TheDorrance_Providence_RI_Wedding_staceydoyle-50Cheers to love!

Professional headshot sessions

Time to ditch the selfie and invest in a professional headshot!

No matter what business you are in, you must have an online presence these days.

We at Stacey Doyle Photography are here to help you create a welcoming and approachable online image. From the hair and make-up team, to helping with wardrobe, to guiding you during the shoot so you are comfortable in front of the camera.

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Providence RI The New It City

That’s right! Little ‘ole PVD has been pegged as the up and coming city to see (do, eat, play)!
America has spoken and it’s agreed: Providence RI is the new “it” city!

From the fabulous restaurants, the amazing art, the gorgeous architecture, the hand-crafted brews, the eclectic shopping, the boutique hotels: Providence has loads to offer most every traveler.

Providene Monthly article on how PVD is America's new It city.
Providence Monthly article on how PVD is America’s new It city.


Pick up the May 2016 issue of Providence Monthly to read more.

And then, come for a visit!

I had such a fun time photographing the cover as well as the interior images for the article.
Check out a few of my favs!

Photographed Kristen Adamo at Venda Ravioli Federal Hill Providence RI
Providence RI City Scape portrait session
Portrait shoot downtown Westminster Street Providence RI
The Dean Hotel Providence RI

ChristineWest_TheDean_ProMo_staceydoylephotography_03-29-2016-6 KristenAdamo_VendaRavioli_ProMo_staceydoylephotography_03-30-2016-8 ChristineWest_TheDean_ProMo_staceydoylephotography_03-29-2016-3Happy exploring!


Professional Headshots

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Professional headshots are a necessary part of your acting and business life.
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